What jobs do Stanford, Harvard, Wharton MBAs get? How much do they make?

Elena Chen
2 min readJul 21, 2022


Do you know as high as 80% of MBA graduates end up working in only 3 industries?

Do you know that the most popular post-MBA job in finance is Private Equity?

Do you know that 90%+ of MBA graduates work in the US and 50%+ of MBAs work near where their program is located?

Since I started posting videos about MBA, the most common question I get is “Hi Elena, is MBA worth it?” Actually top MBA programs all publish employment data, including where their graduates end up working and detailed breakdown of their total comps by base salary, performance bonus and sign-on.

I have done some homework to synthesize the takeaways from the employment report published by Stanford GSB, HBS and Wharton. In this week’s video, we are going to cover these three key questions:

1. What are the profiles of incoming MBA students?

2. What are some popular jobs do MBA graduates get?

3. How much do MBAs get paid upon graduation?

If you are still figuring out if MBA is for you, hopefully this video can give you some good insights about where you may end up working and what is the financial return post MBA.