Learn relationship building from my favorite product manager

Are you working for a large company but constantly have an inner voice that says “You can do more”? Should you leave for the unknown startup world or stay and move up the ladder?

I have invited my favorite PM friend, Winston Mok (ex-Google Product Manager, founder of Woosh) to share his experience of starting an air filter company after leaving Google.

Winston is also one of the best people to talk about how to build meaningful relationships. He is not only super well connected but also makes almost everyone around him feel heard and seen. In this video, he is going to cover his philosophy of relationship building and why he is willing to invest first.

Youtube video link:

PS: Winston is launching his new smart air filter product on Kickstarter on April 12, 2022. If you are interested, check out Woosh’s website: www.woosh-air.com.



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