I would like to add 3 more tips for aspiring PMs.

  1. Study 3–5 products that you like and go through the exercise of writing down product goal, users, main use cases, product strategy, personal story, competitors or substitutes, key metrics, moonshot ideas for each product. This exercise will significantly improve your product sense in a very short amount of time.
  2. Find a mock interview partner and do as many mock interviews as you can. A genuine warning for folks who plan to read through all the materials and only start mock interviews when you feel ready. Trust me. You will never be fully ready. It is like learning to swim. Learn from mock interviews and get a sense of how to tackle super ambiguous interviews on the fly. You will save way more time by jumping into mock interviews ASAP.
  3. When answering product design questions, remember “Creative ideas ≠ Creative features”. A common misunderstanding about creativity is that your feature needs to be unique. However, what truly differentiates your ideas are unique user insights, i.e. solving the right problems.



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