How to increase VISIBILITY at work? | Path to promotion

What is the single most important factor in deciding an individual’s promotion?

  • Good performance?

Vast majority of people believe that doing good work will get you promoted. The truth is that promotion is still far from you if you simply focus on good work and forget to build your visibility in the organization.

There are many different ways to become and stay visible in an organization. The most effective and sustainable way to create and sustain visibility is to add value to the organization and people in the organization.

In this video, I am going to cover the SEEN framework, which covers 4 different ways I recommend to help improve your visibility in the organization.

1. Share your work to inspire your leadership team and foster cross-team collaboration

2. Become a domain Expert so that people will naturally come to you

3. Empower others and make them successful

4. Pitch New business ideas, which is a perfect shared language between you and executives



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