How to break into any industry without prior experience (product management, coaching, design, etc.)

Are you thinking about pivoting into a new industry but don’t know how to make it happen?

  • Should you read more books or take courses or even get a master degree?
  • Is it more important to network a ton?
  • Should you go ahead and apply to 100+ companies now to maximize your chance?
  • What if you don’t have any prior experience?
  • How to power through all the rejections that are coming at you?

I was an investment banker in Hong Kong and successfully broke into product management in the Silicon Valley without any prior tech experience. I can tell you that pivoting into a new industry without prior experience is HARD. You often need to pick up lots of new knowledge and skills, face rejections after rejections, and perhaps even live with a pay cut or down leveling.

In this video, I want to share a K-I-S-S framework that helped me break into new fields over and over again, e.g. product management, coaching, design, business development, education technology, and real estate investing.




A rational idealist into product and learning

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Elena Chen

Elena Chen

A rational idealist into product and learning

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