[Episode 2] How to activate your creative brain in a PM interview?

You can’t unless it’s already on.

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If a banker can be creative, why can’t you?

Creativity is not like running water that you can just turn on and off.

Creative ideas ≠ Creative features

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Let’s talk about fallback options

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Have a list of cutting-edge technology

I. Context-Awareness

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II. Computer Vision

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III. ML-based personalization

Source: https://www.hansondodge.com/blog/2017/november/website-personalization-three-easy-ways-to-get-started/

Piece common products together

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Be patient with yourself. You would be surprised by how creative you can be with enough practice.

Prioritize user insights over features if you can.

If your mind goes blank in an interview, don’t forget to check your list of technology or piece common products together.

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