Happy lunar new year with energy and prosperity!

Elena Chen
1 min readFeb 1, 2022

Happy Lunar New Year to you all! When I was young, my parents and I visited family members on the first day of a new year and wished them a prosperous and healthy year.

In the Year of the Tiger, I want to wish you a safe and energized 2022 with my latest video about productivity and energy management.

In this video, Sandeep (founder of Asia’s first edtech VC, GSB MBA ‘00) and I are going to share the most important habit to improve productivity and manage energy despite a busy work schedule. Check this out if you constantly feel exhausted that you just want to lie on the bed and watch TV after work, if you struggle with building a routine to work out, eat healthily, or go to bed early, or if you suffer from the guilt about not being productive.