From Stanford MBA: The biggest benefit of MBA is NOT what you thought

If you are wondering if you should spend the next 2 years and $200,000 on an MBA degree, this video is for you.

After asking 100 MBAs what is the ACTUAL biggest benefit for them, I have summarized the top 7 reasons for you.

I am going to cover questions like:

  • Can you find a life partner more easily during an MBA?
  • Can an MBA degree from a top MBA school like Stanford REALLY help you pivot into a new industry or start a new business?
  • How useful is the MBA alumni network and is it really worth $200,000?

Last but not least, I am going to share THE biggest benefit of MBA to me, which is a highly under-rated one. It’s not about academics, social or networking, but a transformational experience that benefited me beyond the 2 years or my next job.




A rational idealist into product and learning

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Elena Chen

Elena Chen

A rational idealist into product and learning

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