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  • Sritama Sarkar

    Sritama Sarkar

    Product Manager, Tech Enthusiast, Mom, Observer

  • Clusters of Inspiration

    Clusters of Inspiration

    Engineer by day, blogger by night. I curate personal development knowledge that can actually be applied and organize it in a way that is accessible.

  • Belinda Gidman-Rowse

    Belinda Gidman-Rowse

    Documenting my journey of career exploration, armed with reading matter, a bunch of ideas & plentiful amounts of post-it notes.

  • Cat Chen

    Cat Chen

    Career coach, programmer, author, speaker. Former engineer & manager @ Facebook, Wandoujia, Yahoo and Baidu. Career coaching available: https://chen.cat/patreon

  • Women in Product

    Women in Product

    A global community of women working in Product Management.

  • Michal Langmajer

    Michal Langmajer

    I am a product professional focusing on mobile app growth and revenue optimizations.‍ www.langmajer.cz

  • Product Gym

    Product Gym

    Want to be a Product Manager? Product Gym teaches you how to act like a PM, think like a PM, talk like a PM, and most importantly, how to interview like a PM.

  • Lewis C. Lin 🦊

    Lewis C. Lin 🦊

    Author of The Product Manager Interview | Entrepreneur | Google | Stanford

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